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The Ajebota Conglomerate (Archive)

Updated: Jul 16, 2018

/'a je 'bô ta/

noun - Nigerian colloquial term.

a Nigerian, raised in a comfortable or wealthy home, who may, or may have never been exposed to harsh conditions of life in their upbringing, and has all or most of their basic needs provided by their parents [or guardians], and some, or all of their wants provided as well.

Really, what is the definition of ajebota by today’s standards? Because these days we’re getting very confused. In my opinion, I think it now has categories now……..I really think so.

I’d like to make an attempt at defining what the word ajebota, means.

From ages of passed-down research, here are the vetted various categories:

1. Born in it Still in it

This category of ajebotas are the type that were born in money, grew up in money, and are still in money. Not much to say, it's as straight forward as that, lol. For more clarity, these are the kind that have probably been flying business class since childhood, yes, that kind.

2. 50-50|It Met Me Halfway 

Maybe things were a bit rough and then life got upgraded, probably happened much later in life but there was a turnaround, the big break, that big contract, or that big looting, whichever, however, the kids became ajebotas suddenly, It happens. :D

3. Self-made Ajebota

Ah! My favourite! This category belongs to those (mostly babes) that have hustled their way to look the part, sound the part, smell the part, and be the part! These are the ones that will hustle their way to London or some other country, because to them, that is the ultimate stamp cum evidence approved by the Ajebota Conglomerate.

Truly, these are the same ones that will watch foreign movies, specifically American movies, just to learn new words, the latest colloquial phrases, for example – “I know right?”, “Like seriously”, ”You coming, yeah?”  ‘Like’, “Duhh”, “Oh my days”, etc . I mean, they borrow slangs so they confuse everybody by sounding “not from around here”, learn the accent too, and sometimes put ‘r’ and ‘th’ in the wrong places.

They are huge fans of reality shows like Keeping Down With the Kardashians (I know that should be an ‘Up”, whatever), E! Entertainment and the rest, are their favourite channels, and some of them sure do know how to look good. They have mastered the art of it!

I could go on, and you know what? I’ll give it to them, they are good!!! Such religious dedication?? My oh my,  *standing ovation*.

Oh thou ajebota governing body,  please give them a trophy, or at least, a certificate. Thank you, you are far too kind #advocacy #IshouldbeYourLawyer.

4. Been There Done That..

This is actually the opposite of number two and this one isn’t funny.

In this category, things were once easy; the family was probably wealthy or very comfortable, and then life got hard for one unfortunate reason or the other. Don't worry, better days are ahead. :)

5. I Just Look & Sound That Way

You could say these people belong to the unique category, usually well spoken with good dress sense, sometimes a good sense of direction of in life. A lot of times such people are from a close-knit family.

Believe me, I know people from all of these categories, so they exist, and I'm sure you'll agree. So where do you belong? Or you don’t fit into any? Then you must be a divergent! No, you are factionless. Lol!

Get the joke? Go watch the #DivergentMovie

In all, I think that even though your upbringing and environment can heavily determine your mindset towards life, still, you are not your background, neither are you your past. No matter where you've been or what you've experienced, or how fortunate you are, you are able to chart a new course for your life, to be your own person, and achieve whatever you set your mind to do.......even if it is to become an ajebota....Lol.

Talk to you soon! ;)

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