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I started out on this path not realizing the importance of the work that I was doing; I was simply a teenager driven by a passion to make a difference in my immediate community, one small way or another. Despite my setbacks along the way, I later began receiving awards and recognition for both my early and current initiatives in community service, including The Future Awards Africa, and the prestigious Queen's Young Leader Award.

As an individual, I consider myself privileged to have both analytical and creative abilities, the latter which I hope to give full expression to, especially through music and the arts in the near future.

Having a curiosity for science, I am fascinated at the convergence between medicine and engineering technology, one which inspired my interest in bioengineering research in health innovation. I hope to someday contribute my knowledge and foster an increased access to technological healthcare advancements in places like my home country, Nigeria. 

Furthermore, being a woman in STEM (science, technology engineering and math), with a previous background in microbiology, I also believe in advocating for more women and girls to follow STEM career paths, and reinforcing the truth that they too can excel -- regardless of their gender -- if they believe in themselves and work hard.

On social good, it is only when we begin to see the world from a standpoint of what we can give to it, and not simply what we can get from it, will we see the lasting change that we seek.

Finally, every gift has a purpose, and it is my desire to harness my gifts and abilities to find full expression while using them to positively impact others through Music, Art, and Science Innovation. 

Tobore is also a huge fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), and some of her endeared TV shows include Madam Secretary and Sherlock Holmes.

A lover of the arts, her taste in music is largely influenced by her father's collections, and a wide genre of artistes including India Arie, Mary Mary, Asa, Elvis Presley, and Michael Jackson, as well as Imagine Dragons, Burna Boy, Sam Cooke, Maroon 5, and Adekunle Gold.

On everything books, her favorite authors include Toluse Olorunnipa, Malcolm Gladwell, Myles Munroe, A.R. Bernard and Francine Rivers, among others.

Tobore is a wife and mother, the two roles in her life that she deeply cherishes above everything else.

Tobore Oro Edema-Olorunnipa is an entrepreneur and social innovator with over ten years of experience in the economic capacity building of young women and girls in Nigeria. She is also a bioengineer, an essayist and a singer.

Tobore started her journey in civic engagement as a 13-year-old while in secondary school, during which time she had a defining moment at a workshop she attended on Human Trafficking and Gender Inequality.

Soon after that, she began volunteering with local community outreaches, and eventually founded a youth-led social initiative on civic responsibility when she got into college.


Subsequently, Tobore founded The Gladies Africa (TGA) in 2012, a social initiative that fosters self-actualization in young women and girls through economic empowerment and capacity development. She is also the host of The Butterfly Brunch, a networking brunch and talk show focused on [but not limited to] young women in tech, social innovation, business and leadership.

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